Belmar is a portuguese brand representing ancient tradition of fish processing and transformation from Setúbal coast, where Belmar is located.

Focused on exportation market as well as traditional market, the brand Belmar appears representing all the beauty of the sea (“belo mar” in portuguese) and regarding all the products the sea can apport to us.

Portuguese sea and its fish are globally recognized as high quality and the brand pretends to integrate the quality of these elements in the final products produced by Belmar.

THE Industry

Many centuries ago, romans produced in this location tha famous “garum” – a kind of fish condiment that was delivered abroad all the roman empire.

The arab tradition also highlighted the richness of our fish and more recently, in the end of XIXth century and in the begginning of the XXth century, Setúbal had around 130 fish preserve manufacturers.

Portugal can count nowadays with only 20 manufacturares maintainning this tradition and representing an important slice of portuguese exportations.

Being aware of this cultural heritage, Belmar proprietaries decided to focus on these features: the best fish quality and the best procedures regarding traditional fish processes, allied with modern, safe and certified technologies that deliver a product of excellence.