BELMAR® is a Portuguese registered trademark owned by “GrowOut Investimentos” with origins in Setúbal, a city with a proud and long-lasting tradition in the art of the canning industry, and with its founders’ roots directly linked to this activity.


BELMAR® aimed at the highly demanding and specialized gourmet market using a scrupulous selection of products and suppliers. It was the only possible means to conceive products with yesterday’s flavour, the high-quality standards of these days and a touch of modernity. It is a brand whose products are prepared using artisanal methods, faithful to its founders’ childhood memory of the flavours brought by their grandparents. It is available in gourmet and specialized stores as a high-quality product prepared with first-rate products that are only available when nature allows, and not at Man’s will. It uses solely and exclusively fresh Sardines and Mackerel, and the Tuna is of the Big Eye type (Tunnus Obesus) from the Atlantic. The Olive Oil chosen is also of high quality, allowing to enhance all the fish flavour and its texture. In short, BELMAR® equals the production once reserved for the manufacturer when everything was handled with extreme care and detail. This is why it proudly holds the FDA certification.

BELMAR® has been in the market since mid-2016. It currently offers 10 varieties of Sardine, 7 of Mackerel and 6 of Tuna including the BIO line, which is transverse to the three types of fish. BELMAR. The taste of the sea.